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Press is saying...

"You're that old sad lady with a lot of cats." -a child, after seeing CATS

"Laura Stracko...and Emily Bodkin (Helena)...made a hilarious pair of opposites—short/tall, confident/bewildered—so their confrontation in Act II ignited brilliantly."

--Heidi Waleson, Wall Street Journal


"Laura Stracko is a vivid Daphna — intellectual, quick-witted, sarcastic. Her monologue rants are virtuosic as she sets up her targets only to bring them down, twisting the knife long past the fatal thrust."  --Commercial Appeal



"A top shelf cast, lead by the remarkable Laura Stracko, who knows how to work Bad Jews' limited dynamics, and never allows the show to become a one note shrill-fest. That's 90% of the battle. As Daphna, she owns the space, stomping around with an unruly mane of hair that makes her seem twice her actual size."

--Memphis Flyer 

"Daphna, as played by the talented Laura Stracko, is rather like a junior league "Martha" from Edward Albee's WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF...exciting to watch." --Broadway World



"Patsy Cline’s spirit inhabited the theater when Laura Stracko sang some of Cline’s later and best known songs"--DC Metro Theater Arts

"Stracko’s voice is smooth, emotional, tense, guttural. Like a blistering pot brimming with spiked, spiced cider that might overflow any moment. It sounds like a fire burns right beneath her heart, restrained only, just barely, at the last second by a tourniquet of cold reason. She’s got the soul of Patsy and incredible stamina to be able to sing her songs, and to sing them like Patsy."

--DC Theatre Scene

"Laura Stracko carries the titular role of the show well on her shoulders. Not simply a songbird, but a natural storyteller, Stracko adapts the convivial manners and gentle fashion of speaking as she introduces various songs, members of the bands, and anecdotes that she’s about to tell over the course of the evening. Burning with a slow smoky sound for “There He Goes”, Stracko showcases a broad versatility when it comes to her musical range and capability. There is an homage to Patsy Cline embedded heavily in her performance; the way in which she presents her voice is quite similar, especially during numbers like “I Fall to Pieces.” But there are other moments when Stracko gives the character a unique sound, like her powerful wailing belts during “Bill Bailey.” There’s the neon glow of an old-fashioned honkytonk just revving up in her soul every time she performs an up-tempo number and a swell of sentimentality every time a slower number about heartache comes across her lips." --TheatreBloom

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